The conversation between WEIJENBERG and celebrated chef André Chiang to design a new restaurant in Taipei started in late 2013. It quickly became clear that chef André’s vivid gastronomic imagination combined with WEIJENBERG’s artistic vision would set both on a trajectory to create a restaurant reflecting the visceral and primitive nature of its namesake ‘RAW’.

The restaurant design tells a parallel tale about how chef André’s food can be experienced. Diners step into the restaurant across a wooden path, entering a tranquil lounge designed to lead customers on a journey and create a gentle transition from the bustling streets of Taipei. A soft angled, organically sculptured wooden structure greets guests. As they move into the main restaurant, this wooden structure merges to form the centrepiece of RAW.

Customers sit at custom-made tables with lighting that creates a stage for the food, drawing customers in closer to the table and to each other.

The restaurant is a winner of several international design awards, including Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2015, Architecture & Design Awards Asia Pacific 2015 and reddot design winner 2015.

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  • 2015

  • Built

  • 550 m2

  • Taiwan

  • Camiel Weijenberg, Sharon Guzman, Syirr Sketch, Siti Zubaidah