This project, comprising seven-storeys of lobby interiors, was commissioned by a Chinese online betting company in January 2017. Inspired by the constant flows of energy and money in the world of online betting, WEIJENBERG approached the project by studying digitally simulated flows through the building as a starting point. Wind currents and people flows were analysed to pick moments of turbulence / interaction as critical junctures, interpreting the 3-dimensional flow patterns in space as a functional and elegant interior.

Ash wood is used for the sculptural furniture pieces, balancing the lightness of form and solid weight of the material. Specially fabricated brass inlays in the wood break down the mass while accentuating the flow lines and fluid form.

Collaborating with a dedicated fabrication team in Shanghai led by artist-sculptor Mr. Wang, an efficient system of wood-layering was designed to minimize material wastage. 3D print models and foam mock-ups were crucial in testing the forms for load transfer and for planning joints and divisions for handling and transportation to site. 5-axis CNC robots were deployed to cut the wood forms and inlay grooves.

The floors, walls, ceilings and lighting of the lobbies were detailed to mirror the simulated flow patterns, emphasizing the sense of movement and dynamism within the lobby spaces. Brass inlays in the marble floor were laser cut to accurately match the individually CNC engraved marble floor tiles. The walls are cladded with brass metal, with laser cut lighting patterns to complement the furniture. The ceiling is a grid of 20 custom-made aluminium panel variations, their opening density pattern designed to incorporate the flow concept with practical requirements of the M&E layout.

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  • 2017-2018

  • Built

  • 1005 m2

  • Shenzhen, China

  • Camiel Weijenberg, Epp Jaager, Lili Nyiregyhazi, Mariel Drego, Tiffany, Chen Qitian, Nidhi Mistry