Our philosophy ‘Crafting the Traditional, Shaping the Future’ is a client-focused design approach that fuses traditional materials with cutting-edge technology to create bold, sustainable designs for now and the future.  

A Dutch Architect. Started as a carpenter, refinement and detailing is his core.
Camiel Weijenberg
Founder, Director

A Dutch Architect. He started his career as a carpenter, thus, refinement and detailing is his core. Passionate about exploring emerging techniques, he crafts the future. Camiel is a regular speaker at international design and architecture conferences and a lecturer at several universities. He has been behind numerous successful projects in Asia.

Experience and Journey:

Camiel worked for several years as a carpenter before graduation at the prestigious Architecture Association in London with a distinction. Worked for renowned firm Wilkenson Eyre and Zaha Hadid before starting his own studio, honing his skills as an Architect for over a decade in London, working on large scale iconic projects that were complex and fast pace before setting  up in Singapore in 2012.

Is a Dutch architect. She has worked in Europe, Africa and Eastern Asia during the past 20 years.
Marleen Inia

Is a Dutch architect. She has worked in Europe, Africa and Eastern Asia. Over the past 20 years, she developed a fascination for culture and was able to create a deep empathetic and analytical connection with all sorts of projects, grounded in it location.

Experience and Journey:

Marleen, graduated as an architect from the Technical University Delft and shortly after started at Merkx Architects in Amsterdam, known for rigor and outstanding design ethics. She thrives on diversity of projects such as: retail, museums, concert halls, offices and houses. Marleen has also exhibited her own artworks in galleries in Paris, Congo, Amsterdam and Singapore. She has tremendous communication skills while coaching our clients through projects and delivering on its brief.

Is an Indonesian architect and after working for several years as an architect in Indonesia.
Zaqi Fathis
Lead Designer

Is an Indonesian architect and after working for several years as an architect in Indonesia. He has strengthened his passion for designer in heart and soul in relation to context and landscape. Talented in computational design, pushing boundaries in all projects to deliver breakthrough projects for our clients. He has a strong affinity with Kuka robotics and additive manufacturing. Breaking the mold again and again with our clients creating influential projects.

Experience and Journey:

Zaqi graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. He has been key in developing projects in Osaka, Indonesia, Singapore and Cambodia, his ability to understand clients and create result driven projects that have a strong sustainable with inventive façade configurations or interior layouts.

Past Team

Tejas Chevan

Fauzi Bin Ahmad

Epp Jaager

Johny Chen Qitian

Nidhi Mistry

Rafael Crespin

Lianka - Vasiliki Papakammenou

Rachel Chan

Sharon Guzman

Mariel Drego

Ishani Yewalekar

Lili Nyiregyhazi

Janice Ho Min Zhen


Tejas Chevan

Ishani Yewalekar

Aaron Yeo Zheng Wei

Mert Tas

Ali Kazemi

Daniel Tay

Denise Lim

Diana Bognon

Muhammad Fathurrahman Bin Rahmat

Gaurab Pai

Agnieszka Lewicka

Kien Kieu Hoang

Kok Chong En Kendall

Leor Didier

Maria Josephine

Natali Tai

Ong Yong Siang

Revi Bharathan

Zhong Ying

Muhamad Rifai Akmal Bin Taufix Effendy

Shreen Yeo Shi Yun

Shruti Shah

Siti Zubaidah

Syirr Saripin

Tiffany Monique Orozco

Vaida Kidykaite

Yeo Shi Yun Shireen

Zulhilmi Bin Mazlan


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