Vision & Mission

Our mission and inspiration for the future is based on a deep understanding of our world and translate this to solutions for customers.

Specialising in hospitality and residential projects we embrace technologies to tackle new challenges and drive for solutions to build a better tomorrow.

Creating humane designs by applying years of experience and vigorous client-team collaboration.

About and approach

Weijenberg is an award-winning design studio based in Singapore with close ties to Amsterdam and Jakarta. From origin we are all architects. We develop or renovate all types of architectural and interior design projects, with a focus on F&B projects, hospitality and residential.

Besides this Weijenberg is known for their stunning feature projects. Walls, objects, small pavillions, designed with the latest technologies.

But this is not all. We need to stay prepared for the future, at every moment. And we are curious, what can we add with our skills to the world. So we like to develop our own circular projects through collaboration with universities , other knowledge institutes and the Singapore government. This keeps us up to date, the world goes fast!

How do we do this all? We have nurtured a team with complementing strengths, we challenge each other to reach a high professional standard.


We are looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated talents to join the growing WEIJENBERG team. We take pride in being a horizontally organized design studio that welcomes diversity and value the participation of ideas from all.
You can apply by our career page.

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WEIJENBERG invites you to DARE, ENVISION and CREATE with us.
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