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Cassia Drive


The client approached us to transform the basement of the 2-storey bungalow at Cassia Drive into an entertainment room with a built-in bar; a space to occasionally screen movies whilst enjoying a drink from the bar.  

The key highlight of the design is the feature wall with a centrally positioned organic shaped backlit mirror, which draws the viewers’ attention to the wall. Multiple explorations were carried out into the form and materiality of the wall. The fluid undulating surface of the wood feature wall accommodates storage areas by way of concealed cupboards and drawers so as to maximize storage. The wall was designed to complement the overall aesthetics of the room while incorporating functionality. Made from ashwood, the feature wall is fabricated in Taiwan using CNC machines and assembled onsite.

The design took into consideration the client’s Timothy Oulton furniture for the space. The bar: a brass table with a black marble top accentuates the space. The elements, materials and textures of the space come together to create a look and feel of sophistication and elegance.



Residential, Interior




Under Construction




73 m2


Camiel Weijenberg, Zaqi Fathis, Ishani Yewalekar, Nidhi Mistry

camiel weijenberg