Over the past 350 years, the site at Prinsengracht 436 has seen many transformations: as an orphanage; an emergency hospital; a city library; and finally as the National Court of Justice in 1836. It has been adapted over the centuries with a fluid building style.

The long-time occupant of Prinsengracht 436, the Palace of Justice in central Amsterdam, has moved to a new location. There are plans to convert the former orphanage that dates back to the 1660s into a glorious hotel respectful of the building’s history.

When conceptualizing the site’s next transformation, instead of looking at individual elements and decorations in the building, we looked at urban adaptations. As the requirement for the hotel alteration came from the city - not from the existing building or user - WEIJENBERG’s approach was to extend the building from an urban point of view. Our additions and alterations were created from malleable materials such as wood. The result is a volume that suggests density and future growth that we believe allows users a glimpse into the future.

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  • Commercial


  • 2014

  • Proposal

  • 18,515 m2

  • Amsterdam

  • 2014

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