The revamp of Gunther’s, a modern French fine-dining restaurant in Singapore, takes on the contemporary interpretation of art nouveau woodwork, an art style that originated in Belgium and gained popularity in France at the turn of the 20th century. It was fitting that award-winning Belgian chef  Gunther Hubrechsen was drawn to the style and wanted his restaurant interior to evoke French luxury through the delicate, curved forms of art nouveau.

The eponymous restaurant has always strived to provide guests with a unique experience of luxury and quality. His cooking style is one of French opulence, rooted in elegant simplicity. WEIJENBERG spatially interpreted this ethos, crafting contemporary delicate curved wood features for the interior. The simple and raw wooden finish exhibits the fine construction detail and layers of wood fabrication.

The design team used parametric design tools to explore 3D patterns and forms which flow across walls and ceilings, informed by furniture and functional elements of the restaurant. Fluidity and continuity define these elements across the bar, dining and private rooms. Each space is linked to the next by brass ‘tunnels’, emphasizing the transitions in space and experience type.

Fabricated in a workshop in Taiwan, the wooden elements are built from bendable soft wood, together with harder light oak. The composite is CNC cut to achieve the smooth, curving forms, which are pieced together and installed on-site in Singapore.

The material palette for this project combines nautical colors in a variety of textures to subtly complement Gunther’s much-loved cooking, in an elevated, multi-sensory experience. Smart lighting allows the restaurant management to control the ambiance to perfectly match the right occasion and event.  

The privacy of guests is a high priority for the restaurant. This is reflected in the layout which allows multiple  configurations of soundproof rooms and provides alternative accesses to private dining areas. The flexible spaces  can be closed off or opened up to accommodate small or large groups.

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  • Interior


  • 2018

  • Built

  • 130 m2

  • Purvis St , Singapore

  • 2018

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