Espoo is designed as a campus where minds come together, overlapping different entities in shared spaces for research and the passing of knowledge. It is a series of highly adaptable network -L-shaped structures, forming the building blocks of the Espoo site. The -L- can be seen as -half a typical urban block- diagonally cut and repositioned. These building blocks are stacked and set out as such so that they can be extended up and in length. Overlapping the -L- creates pockets and opportunities for events. Sharing and adapting these pockets creates a larger project adapting to the culture of research and way of working and living. The overlapping -L- recreates a campus-style living established by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in the sixties. These are a given a new interpretation that look inwards and outwards.

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  • Commercial

  • 2015

  • Proposal

  • 50,000 m2

  • Finland

  • 2015

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