By reconnecting and overlapping the four building sections, we create opportunities for its user and a dialogue with the public. The Chicago Towers (A.CADE.ME) is an architectural discourse to unite and establish an educational learning, sharing, and research platform for the public and its user.

A structural fixed base is made of concrete to sustain height and stability and a malleable higher level with a wooden façade and floor-plate. The wooden elements at the top are interchanged in response to the internal needs and to reduce the use of concrete. Using structural wood allows the building to be higher and greener.

The proposed design configures the public space to be supported by the learning spaces of the educational institutes. This allows the learning environments itself to be a showcase to the public from the gallery, bringing learning and exposure to the public together. This creates a platform of possibilities and a key moment for architectural celebration.

The urban garden serves as a main integration point for the four sections, whereby users are able to cross freely from each block, and use it as a rest point as they go about their daily activities.

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  • Commercial

  • 2015

  • Proposal

  • 23,310 m2

  • Chicago

  • 2015

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