Key design features: bar inspired by the origins of beer, the rolling hills of Barley, the coming together of friends and to raising a toast. The craft in the beer is reflected in the craft and use of materials. Riveted copper, curved waves and wall elements that have to be produced through craft and manual labour.

Brewerkz, Singapore’s first and longest running microbrewery and restaurant which opened in 1997, approached us to redesign their flagship outlet in Riverside Point along the bustling Clarke Quay entertainment quarter.

The challenge was to refresh the Riverside Point venue with a contemporary bar and restaurant design without alienating the loyal regulars that Brewerkz have amassed since it opened more than 20 years ago.

The client’s brief called for a playful, energetic and friendly atmosphere while maintaining its original spirit.

We at WEIJENBERG added an additional design layer, with warmth and cosiness, producing a new space that highlights the craft of beer-making, the practice of a microbrewery and that captures our design philosophy of ‘crafting the traditional, shaping the future’.

The signature design feature of the space is the bar. Taking our inspiration from friends coming together and raising a glass, we designed the bar using materials such as copper, rivets, warm wood and metal mesh. The crafted beer is at the center of the space, cladded with copper sheets and rivets, giving the bar area an energetic feel while using traditional materials.  

The bar is pushed forward and almost to the outside of the bar, forming a centrepiece that flows from the indoor space to the comfortable outdoor area, which faces the Singapore River. The aged Chinese stucco walls add character and texture. Our design concept comes to life with the use of light colours on the walls, ceiling and flooring.

We created three dining spaces within the restaurant with a sequence of low curved walls made from bendy wood. This wall feature runs through the different spaces, gently subdividing the space while leaving the overall feel to be open and welcoming. The wave walls are cladded with copper sheets and rivets, giving the wall a hand-crafted feel. Lighting, including LED lighting, and material are key to creating various moods in the three spaces.

With this project,  Weijenberg collaborated with the Brewerkz team to create the latest design for the flagship Brewerkz outlet. It embraces  the spirit and craftsmanship of beer-making and microbrewery so that its customers can continue to enjoy their love of beer for years to come.

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  • Interior

  • 2019

  • Built

  • 520 m2

  • Riverside Point, Singapore

  • 2019

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