Creating a communal place where art, leisure and culture are celebrated together, the creative Art-interchange is arranged around a large events hall sitting on the crossing of a route to and from the city centre and Chevron Island, through to the pedestrian tunnel and Bundall Road. This route is guided directly through the events hall with multiple event spaces linked to this corridor much improving the current site circulation.

The roof lines bend around and down into the tunnel, expressing the individual programs inside the building while at the same time unifying them under one creative roof. The roof is constructed from several planes that, depending on the activity, open to allow more light in. The size and bulge of the roof reflect the dimensions of the stage and seating of the main theater as well as the GF slab of the Gold Coast City Council center.

The green, open air space by the river in the urban sprawl of the Gold Coast can be used after a stroll through the park. This space also provides the opportunity for future integration into the city's network of individual and public transportation such as trams and buses, benefiting the site and the city further.

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