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A contemporary take on the traditional Taiwanese courtyard.

A contemporary take on the traditional Taiwanese courtyard.

WEIJENBERG has collaborated with a prominent Taiwanese chef who wanted to reinterpret traditional local culture in a contemporary way through food and spatial experience at this new restaurant building. A parking lot in central Taichung in Taiwan was due to be transformed into a pop-up scene for local foodies. This temporary food market of shipping containers called 'UNO Market’ is currently under construction. WEIJENBERG’s new project is planned as the star pavilion within the development, offering a daring and contemporary design proposal.

The WEIJENBERG team will always look to the local and traditional for inspiration. Here it came from traditional Taiwanese architecture.  The grammar of the vernacular dwellings was taken as a starting point for the design. WEIJENBERG observed traditional roof structures, paying particular attention to the forms, layers and details. The theme of light and shade was carried into the architecture through the traditional Taiwanese courtyard. The translation of a traditional Taiwanese roof is articulated in the wave-like roof shape around the courtyard. All functions from the restaurant, kitchen, working spaces, gallery, to the shop are collected under one undulating roof.


As sustainability is important to the client and the firm, we used wood as a primary building material. The roof structure is made entirely of glulam beams and rafters. Wood was heavily used as a building material in Taiwan for centuries.

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