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Singapore University of Technology and Design’s (SUTD) Capstone 2017 recently awarded three research grants to WEIJENBERG. The first project looks at sustainable high-rise structures and intelligent design to increase comfort and reduce building infrastructure. The research is supported by additional projects. The first focuses on developing innovative building material components that reduce environmental impact. The second looks at home storage and furniture solutions which optimize spaces available, important for those staying in urban, small conditions. As Singapore announced its long-term sustainable urban development initiative “Singapore Sustainable City 2030” agenda, this has resulted in a growing market for energy-efficient buildings and innovative materials.

Through our research, we will look into sustainable, next-generation high-rise buildings. Research will be developed collaboratively between designers at WEIJENBERG and students at SUTD to create real building product prototypes.

The research and final outcome will be showcased by the university and exposed to the building market through conferences and the media from late 2017.

camiel weijenberg