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2016 CAPSTONE PROJECT:"Energy Harvesting Facade"


This month the 2016 Capstone Showcase took place at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). A culmination of 30 weeks of work to explore the future of design and technology with graduating engineering and architecture students, Capstone brings together those who work in design teams and are provided with realistic design situations requiring team-based efforts to solve real-world challenges.

About 80% of Singaporeans live in typical affordable housing apartments (known as Housing Development Board flats) made almost entirely of concrete prefabricated elements, which are unsustainable material. These elements have hardly changed in the last few decades despite production becoming more efficient. The assignment WEIJENBERG was tasked with was to research greener outcomes for building elements and to integrate sustainable technology with design.

In response, WEIJENBERG developed in collaboration with SUTD, a retrofitted sustainable high-rise façade module called ‘Sunny’, an integrated solar energy harvesting and rainwater collection façade system designed to enable sustainable, high-density living. The Structural Design is currently confidential and in process of patent application. Those interested to collaborate, please write to us at

camiel weijenberg