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WEIJENBERG, an award-winning design firm, has submitted its proposal, BLOOM, for the Founders’ Memorial international competition in Singapore. The team led by founder architect and designer Camiel Weijenberg envisioned a space in a garden that echoes the architectural typologies and the use of strong axis found in the region’s architectural heritage. The team has designed a series of spaces that encourages social interaction and inspires Singaporeans to drive into the future just like the country’s founders upon independence in 1965. BLOOM is designed as a bouquet of open flower complexes in the Bay East Garden to symbolise remembrance and passion. The filigree structure represents the coming together and formation of beautiful networks with covered connections and passages, blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside for visitors.

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WEIJENBERG proposes an exploratory series of spaces to promote visitor interaction through public spaces and corridors through series of axis. A strong horizontal axis/corridor allows visitors to orient themselves within the memorial while promoting learning, discovery, and exploration. Camiel Weijenberg says: “At WEIJENBERG, design is in our DNA. Our aim is to create socially interactive spaces with unique experiences. Our Founders’ Memorial submission commemorates through celebration the contribution of Singapore’s founders. BLOOM is a destination in the heart of Singapore and serves as an inspiration for young Singaporeans to think big and collaborate to face the future – just like the country’s founders.” Launched in January 2019, the Founders’ Memorial design competition is held with the aim to seek out the best design of the upcoming landmark to be built in Bay East Garden – one which honours the citystate’s founding generation of leaders, and celebrates the ideals and values upon which Singapore is built.