WEIJENBERG zero-waste pavilion shortlisted for ArchiFest 2016 / by camiel weijenberg

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.09.09.png

ArchiFest, a two-week festival organized by the Singapore Institute of Architects, will be celebrating local architecture and public spaces around the city in September – October this year. 2016’s theme is "Exhale", which challenges the rapidness and density of activities that define our pace of life.

WEIJENBERG submitted its concept to construct a pavilion in the heart of the CBD focused on the relationship between "inhale- exhale"; between the polluted, busy and noisy parts of our life which we are forced to inhale everyday; and exhale, which relates to nature, relaxation and peace.

The design approach looked to create a zero-waste building, upcycling 15,000 plastic bottles to create a two-layer structure. The landscape conceptualised by WEIJENBERG represents a world we would like to live in - a playful, spatial experience designed so one can relax in a fast paced urban environment. 

The upper world represents what we exhale and what is above us – an architectural response to consumerism. Between the skyscrapers we create an ocean of bottles around the Aw Wee Hong sculpture, floating above a seamless green landscape where visitors canrelax on green mounds while contemplating what lies ahead, taking the time to reflect and exhale.