WEIJENBERG wins runner up in GRAPHISOFT Design Competition / by camiel weijenberg

WEIJENBERG’s Chicago Towers were announced as a runner-up in the GRAPHISOFT Design Competition: Algorithmic Design Meets BIM this June. Firms around the globe were invited to put the latest combination of RHINO / GRASSHOPPER / ARCHICAD tools and their relevant extensions to the test.   

Without limitations of scale or subject, the only condition was that submissions had to relate to a stage of the architectural design process to best represent the connection between Algorithmic Design and BIM. Entries were judged according to three main criteria; Practicality - how the solution increases efficiency in the design workflow; Inventiveness – originality in the use of the toolset; and BIM integration – the level of BIM methodology achieved.

Having received a selection of outstanding submissions, WEIJENBERG was among the ten runner-up entries judged by GRAPHISOFT’s GH-AC Connection development team.