WEIJENBERG Collaborates with Chef André Chiang for Limited Edition of Octaphilosophy Book / by camiel weijenberg

Following an award winning collaboration between WEIJENBERG and Chef André Chiang for restaurant RAW in Taipei, both creatives come together again to launch an exclusive edition of Octaphilosophy: The Eight Elements of Restaurant André.

The first book on one of Asia’s leading restaurants, Restaurant André, ranked third in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, is an illustrated monograph of 150 recipes which explore chef-owner André Chiang’s creative approach to the fine-dining experience. A concept he calls Octaphilosophy, which combines the technical precision of Asian gastronomy with the produce-driven seasonality of French cuisine, Octaphilosophy describes the framework within which Chiang’s daily menu is created. Each dish is built around one of eight subtly interlinked elements – artisan, memory, pure, salt, south, terroir, texture and unique.

Drawing inspiration from these eight fundamentals of André’s philosophy, Singapore based design firm WEIJENBERG, founded by Dutch architect Camiel Weijenberg, has created 50 limited edition book casings to keep as a treasured keepsake. Using sustainable Taiwanese bamboo wood hand carved to create eight distinct layers and a window to Octaphilosophy’s book cover, the design pays homage to the iconic wooden sculpture which sits at the centrepiece and has become the hallmark of RAW.  

This spring, WEIJENBERG will accompany Chef André Chiang on his Octaphilosophy Asia Tour in Singapore and Taiwan, featuring a series of intimate and exclusive dinners at his restaurants, book signings and speaking engagements.

During the world tour of 21 cities, André Chiang will work with artists from different countries, including Hong Kong, New York, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Sydney designing a unique book slipcase for each stop by extracting local inspirations.