Design Anthology visits restaurant CURE housed in heritage shop house in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown / by camiel weijenberg

Last month, Design Anthology visited restaurant CURE citing its love for the dark, moody interiors. We take a look again at what makes this design so appealing in its allure.

Chef Andrew Walsh’s first culinary venture in Singapore, which opened the summer of 2015 is a boutique restaurant integrating modern cuisine in a fine dining setting taking inspiration from Andrew’s classical cooking style.

The design of CURE emphasizes clean, architectural lines without frills, purposefully bypassing the overly-used industrial look permeating the interiors scene. The venue, a unique shop house located within Keong Saik Road, Singapore has meant an approach which respects the natural heritage and refined detailing of the space, yet creates a warm interior that accentuates restored original features.

Various details found on the walls and on the tables link CURE back to its Chinatown heritage, and with that, special attention has been taken to fuse design with functionality and with lighting and acoustics that offset the bustling street outside.

With no more than 26 covers at CURE, customers are seated in a scattered format, affectionately featuring a variation of table shapes and sizes. The use of warm wood finishes gives rise to a meticulously designed and softly lit space. The dining tables and the chef’s work top are made of the same oak wood enhancing intimacy with the chef and the overall dining experience.

Concealed within the restaurant, there is a private dining area exclusively linked to the kitchen encapsulated by green hued Chinese drawers evoking a sense of boudoir intimacy.