WEIJENBERG BIM lecture at Singapore Institute of Architects; Recognised as first firm in Singapore to use Graphisoft BIM cloud / by camiel weijenberg

Last month WEIJENBERG spoke authoritatively at the Singapore Institute of Architects at the Integrated BIM Masterclass Series, sharing the core principles of BIM in relation to people, process and technology. Camiel Weijenberg delivered a lecture on working method and work flow of BIM programmes Rhino GH and Archichad. Technology which has been used to create the firm’s iconic restaurant, RAW, as well as the recent BIM winning design, The Chicago Towers. Currently, the firm has been working on Solar Tower parametric design with Diva and Honeybee software with environmental analyzers.

At the same time, Weijenberg has been recognised as the first office in Singapore to use Graphisoft  BIM cloud, which allows firms to work effectively with other design and engineer companies around the world.  BIM cloud is a solution for international companies who collaborate with other firms or within their own company around the world as a virtual team working on the same project. This eliminates the need for expensive travel and time wasted to mix and match different files. All that is needed to be done is to log in as a team member to a commonly shared Archicad file and work simultaneously with other team members regardless of their location. Weijenberg tested out their first BIM cloud team project with Liu and Wo Architects in Singapore. Five team members from two offices have been concurrently working on a bungalow with the sharing of ideas speeding up the workflow and  improving communication. Based on this pilot project, the Weijenberg team is looking towards the future to invite other offices to collaborate within their BIM cloud.