WEIJENBERG selected for 2016 Capstone at Singapore University of Technology and Design / by camiel weijenberg

WEIJENBERG has been selected for 2016 Capstone at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) exploring “Incorporating environmental technologies in prefabricated high-rise housing façade elements”.

The learning philosophy of SUTD is an approach that provides students with a multidisciplinary curriculum delivered via a hands-on, collaborative learning pedagogy and environment. A key element of this is the Capstone project which brings together students to work in design teams, contributing their respective expertise and skills to solve real-world challenges. It also provides realistic design situations where projects usually span multiple disciplines and require team-based efforts to create a solution.

About 80% of Singaporeans live in typical HDB units made almost entirely of concrete prefabricated elements, an unsustainable material. In our view, these elements have hardly changed in the last couple of decades despite production becoming more and more efficient. 2016 Capstone will see students undertake a 30-week project with WEIJENBERG to research greener outcomes for these building elements, integrating sustainable technology with design.