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Infinity Lamp


The Infinity Lamp is inspired by the indefinite universe. The twisted loop is a symbol of infinity, which has been integrated into the design generated from three irregular metal bands connected on the edges. The internal skeleton consists of a series of triangles keeping the lamp's body in a perfect triangular shape with the reflective chrome finish symbolizing light in the universe. The lamp's character is futuristic, giving an impression of the twisting galaxy. It is a piece of design work that will illuminate any dining table or a piece to decorate the room.

For WEIJENBERG, an essential part of this design work is in its story; from initial sketches to digital fabrication and 3D modelling in order to create a final lamp. It is novel in that 90% production was done in-house. Initial sketches were advanced using  computer program Rhino. Several options were tested in Rhino Grasshopper for viability and a 3D model was developed, labelled into 33 flat fabrication pieces. The final drawing included different assembly parts which were sent out externally for laser cutting.

WEIJENBERG designers assembled the lamp, bending the metal bands and connecting the triangular elements with the skeleton. This process allowed the team to understand the small errors and redevelop the product further. The final result is a handcrafted light that emulates crafting the traditional.

WEIJENBERG sees digital fabrication as an essential working method using parametric design tools. It allows the firm to easily and quickly generate various designs in Rhino and Grasshopper connection and to try out and pick the best design easily in a short space of time.  The digitalization process of the design enables one to easily change different parameters regrading to customers’ requirements. The size, materials and hanging methods are easily changeable. For example, the Infinity lamp could be changed in one click to a table, floor or wall light in various materials. It could be replicated into a series of lights weaved to a chandelier. The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.


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Camiel Weijenberg

camiel weijenberg