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CUSTO - An Innovative Online Platform to Customize Storage Furniture.

CUSTO, a sister company of WEIJENBERG, is proudly made in Singapore. It is an eco-friendly online furniture platform that enables people to custom-design their own storage furniture in an easy and affordable way. CUSTO offers fully made-to-measure storage furniture, including shelves, cabinets and sideboards for homes and offices.

Customers looking for a simple way to optimize space within their home and office will find CUSTO an ideal platform to create their own storage furniture. Customers can choose from a range of design features based on their own preferences. The end result is an easily assembled unique product, cut from the highest quality plywood,which comes from carefully selected suppliers and is 100% natural, with no chemicals added.

Your furniture piece is designed by you and produced locally at our trusted workshops in Singapore. Based on our patented cutting-edge technology, your order will be sent to the manufacturer within 24 hours to be cut to the exact dimensions down to the last centimeter.


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Camiel Weijenberg,

camiel weijenberg