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Crafting The Traditional | Shaping The Future

Great spaces for perfection and class best

Crafting The Traditional | Shaping The Future

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about Weijenberg

Specialising in hospitality and residential projects. We embrace top talent and work with the latest technologies to tackle new challenges for our clients. We create humane designs by applying years of experience and vigorous client-team collaboration.

Our Projects


Weijenberg is 
Genius in creativity
Unique in vision
Humane in design
Organic in style

Andre Chiang
Restaurant RAW

The team at Weijenberg design Studio translated our gastronomic ambition in a series of unique spaces and detail giving our clientele a fantastic experience.

Andrew Walsh
Restaurant Cure

Weijenberg brought sharp design ideas to turn a legacy restaurant into a functional office and a gastronomic concept for Da Paolo HQ.

Guillaume Pichoir
CEO Da Paolo Group

Working with Weijenberg was the best decision! Top class designs mixed in with functionality, quality and a standout design.

Vijay Mudaliar
Native Bar, Singapore

We enjoyed the collaboration with the Weijenberg team on the Library bar which was a fantastic and successful project. It was very well loved bar and dining room, noted for the innovative design.

Loh Lik Peng
CEO Unlisted Collections,

Weijenberg precisely developed the project from the seed of an idea into a beautiful reality that represented all we wanted for our customers.

Ashley Walliss
L’Antica, Perth

Working with Weijenberg was a pleasure, because of the design product and the team’s professionalism. They worked closely and followed up constantly with the builders.  

Projects Completed
Happy Guests

our Mission

Starts with your Clientele

Your brand is your business. The visual system that expresses your personality of your clientele and your brands experience are our starting point.

local is global
Understand the Global in the Local

Take a competitive edge with unique design ethos that provides you and your clientele with great comfortable spaces. that fuse operations and the customer experience into a holistic design. 

Space as an Experience

To Design is to Invent and to understand, we bring together a creative and solution driven approach that strives for unique and special experiences and explorations.

top team

Camiel Weijenberg
Founder, Director
Marleen Inia
Zaqi Fathis
Lead Designer
Creative Director


  • To be the best-in-class design studio that prompts thought and conversation for its bold, humane and sustainable creations.

  • We design for the future without forgetting the past. We understand big, next-generation concepts while paying attention to detail, drawing inspiration from local values and conditions.

  • Committed To Our Craft  – we live design and strive to be the best in our field, producing unique, thoughtful designs for our clients.


We are based in Singapore with close ties to Jakarta, Amsterdam, China and India. 90% of our projects are overseas which can be organised in different ways. It all depends on the nature of the project and what is needed. It does happen, that we design for a project in one country, and that is it produced in another country, options are unlimited.

A lot can be done on distance, even more since the latest pandemie we are in. Online meetings, online presentations, online brainstorms with the different parties can be organised. But also practically we can go into detail, we can arrange for 3D scan of spaces to work with exact measures, we can arrange 3D camera’s to see the context of the places we work on. And there is always the option to work with a local partner who handles a number of things on the spot. Sometimes this is unavoidable in connection with local authorities and regulations. We do our best to reduce time away from the studio as this leads to increased cost by our client and increases the environmental footprint considerably. We do have adapted well to this work ethic over the last years and it has not created any impossibilities.

This is difficult to answer, since many factors determine the duration of the project. The scale, the scope, the local circumstances to name a few. What we can say about this, is that planning, as is budget, is as important for us as the other aspects. This will be part of the design process from the beginning, and this will be communicated as clear and open as possible.

Off course! And, to be frank: Refined, elegant and spatial well designed spaces are the main focus of every project. Same as creating humane projects. We are there for you, the projects should embrace the users need, they should enforce the users identity. It really depends on the type of project and the client how bold we go. Some projects scream for it, some do the opposite. To be bold or extreme is not an aim in itself.

We do provide services on all scales: From just the design phase, to the delivery of the complete project with the option to turnkey. And all in between. Every project is different and has different circumstances, we have experience in many ways of working.

Normally the project starts with an orientation phase: What exactly is it that you are looking for. This will lead to the first official stage, the concept or schematic design. The definite design follows where all the design questions are being addressed and come together. Without doubt all is done in close contact with the client, you are the one who will be using the space. When the design stage is finished, we can assist with the rest of the project, from the construction documentation to the tender process, as well as leading the onsite management, till the delivery of the project. We can work with the contractor of your preference or out of our network, in both situations we can work closely with them to achieve the required results. A specific variation of a complete project is called a turnkey project. In this process we will be in charge of all, we will take care of all needs with regards to design and construction, in exchange for a price previously set. This supposes for the client the elimination of the management issues, what turns it into a most comfortable alternative. See also:

Yes, we can definitely help you out with these questions. We have experience to guide the client in what they are really looking for, and what would be the solutions for them. The same for budget related questions: We can indicate what kind of budget would be needed, and what the options are within that given budget.

We can also work the other way around. You might already have a specific budget, we can work with that and get the best out of it. We like to add that a budget is a very important aspect of the whole project, and it is very important to integrate it completely from the beginning. Our fees strongly depend on what kind of services are required from our side. When we have defined the project scope, we have clear indications for our fees. This we will communicate openly with you in the earliest possible stage of the project. See also:

From origin we are all architects. We are very open to develop or renovate all types of architectural and interior design projects. We would like to say that we are specialised in creating unique solutions, not in a specific type of projects. Our designs do stand out of their humane approach and results, they all attribute to our well being. They all are spatially very strong, embraced by the latest social and technological knowledge.

The founder of W has a background in wood. This combined with our feel for emerging technologies, you find quite some projects with these affinities, ranging from a splendid door handle, to furniture, to complete award winning interior designs.

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