A Gym Designed for Play / by camiel weijenberg

The Founders of Kilter Avenue bootcamps will be going one step further this summer opening their very own gym. Located in the heart of the Singapore CBD, the novel space promises to be a health hub with a difference integrating play at every turn.

WEIJENBERG was briefed to create an alternative work-out space - a playground - a place for people to have fun during their busy day and somewhere they could look forward to going to. As the Kilter Krew focus on 'Calisthenics' - exercises that use body weight and not conventional gym machines - this gave the WEIJENBERG team greater freedom to explore the relationship between the interaction between space, structure and matter.

The gym consists of a sequence of geometrical forms – mainly cylinders – which are spread out over the course. The ellipses create and define different spaces and conditions for users, which are either enclosed, to generate more privacy, or open so that the areas between the geometry generate flexibility.

The result is a design that features a playful interior combining bionic architectural spatial qualities with an eclectic material palette, complementing elements of the surrounding the environment.

A health cafe and bar feature in the gym and so a challenge has been to fuse these varying functions cohesively in one space. The materials selected for each as such have played an essential role helping to differentiate areas yet synergize components together. 

Overall there are multiple characters to be explored within the gym with sight lines and glimpses of something different beyond which leads the user from one area to the next for an interesting and varied experience. Each space flows into one another, creating a mini village of diverse components which draw the user in.